Information Technology

Lion Global will provide the cutting edge implementation and information interface of data between our two organisations to ensure you are always kept up to date with the progress of your shipments.

By utilising the one system from origin through to destination, we ensure a live and up to date capture of all of the key milestones and can tailor the communication of this key data to suit your individual requirements
We are one on the unique companies in Australia to have the one global system, meaning there is no transfer of data or a requirement for mapping of information. This means that Lion Global maintain complete control of your shipments and data.

Lion Global provides strength and security by controlling all of the data on a centralised server based in Australia with multiple backups and security settings. You can feel safe being protected by a Lion.

“Lion Global comes to you with more than 75 years combined industry experience with a vision to provide a point of difference, we thrive on giving a unique offering – by “defining the difference”.

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