Company Overview

Defining the … LION GLOBAL

We can get the space, when others struggle.

We are the “Kings of Space”

In addition to our Australian operations, in partnership with offices throughout China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and USA all operating off our one integrated computer system, our customers can feel confident that we are the one company handling all of their requirements from bookings to delivery. Lion Global takes pride in understanding your business’ needs to implement systems and processes that will not only provide exceptional levels of service, but will also be able to improve efficiencies within your own business. We aim to assist your business to provide synergies with your organisation, which highlights efficiencies in your supply chain leading to soft dollar savings.

Our experience sets us ahead of the pack to understand your requirements and help by leading you to the best solutions for all your freighting needs. While performing these very important acts on your behalf the more important thing is being entirely open and transparent with you as to the status of each step in a continual flow of information. We are able to acquire the space that other freight companies cannot to ensure that all merchandise arrives in a timely manner. The main difference with Lion Global is the experience of our customers, let our strength, power, pride and leadership show you the next revolution in freight forwarding.

“Lion Global comes to you with more than 75 years combined industry experience with a vision to provide a point of difference, we thrive on giving a unique offering – by “defining the difference”.

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